Goodbye/break up letter

Dear Jack Daniels,                                                                                           It is time to say goodbye to you….for good this time. We have had a long relationship, through good times and in bad, but mostly bad. Well, actually all bad because you managed to turn even good moments into bad moments and that is why I’ am ending this TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. It is no longer an option to have you in my life; you are that asshole boyfriend, that girls keep going back to, when they are blinded and don’t see their: worth, that they are a FUCKING goddess and deserve all things good, and I, I deserve that and more! I’ am no longer wanting this relationship with you, so you can stop trying sneak your way back into my life through, negative thoughts, emotions and people; YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT, so just stop. My life has been amazing without you, which is once again why I’ am saying goodbye, because life is simply better when you’re not around. With you gone I’ am no longer blinded by your poison. Your negativity no longer holds me back. Being sober has given me new eyes to see with, in many different aspects of my life. I’ am more focused, driven, happier and healthier without you. I’ am in love with myself and the relationship I have built with myself, which you seem to hate every time you come back into my life. Without you, I have fueled my passion even more, through my thoughts and feelings which you blocked, despised and numbed. I’ am connected with my intuition, and my goddess within, so this break up has been the best thing to happen to me. I look forward to it even more now, because I look and see how far i’ve come without you, the things I have accomplished , the positive people in my life and all the good things to come, because you are no longer apart of my life, and I’ am finally able to let you go. Ending this relationship was the hardest one but has been the best one to end in my existence, thus far. I no longer need you to numb my feelings because I feel them out and release them through writing, painting, drawings; through my whole entire vision that I’am creating and bringing to life. You may have helped spark the fire but it’s my soul that’s been fucking lit and my creativity and passion that keeps fueling it. Goodbye Jack Daniels. Always and Forever.

Love, Lindsey Dean

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