Like A Tree

Like roots of a tree our energies and bodies are intertwined, digging deeper, keeping each other grounded, growing stronger and wiser, Like a tree; our connection will grow more tough, protecting each other from the potentially harsh cruelties of the world, while feeling the electric flow and connection inside, like the trunk of a tree. 

Together we are rooted, grounded, and protecting one another, while still letting each others branches extend and grow; reaching out for more, and always seeking light, freedom, nourishment, awareness, yet still rooted and grounded, Like A Tree;

Expressing our individual beings, in different colors, phases of life, and accepting what is as the seasons pass through, much like leaves on a tree.

Our connection is beautiful, rooted, strong, unique, growing, nourishing, grounded, freeing, peaceful, and medicinal, Like A Tree.

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