Warrior Queen

The young girl starts admiring herself in the mirror, feeling happy, beautiful, loving herself inside and out in every way. Suddenly, she hears the different voices of the people who are calling her names and has flashbacks of the terrible things that some people have done to her. The words from these individuals start to appear on her while she is looking at herself; her beautiful, innocent smile starts to fade away, and tears run down her rosy cheeks, like raindrops racing down the window on a stormy day. She can’t look at herself in the mirror anymore; all she sees are labels people have bestowed upon her and terrible things that have happened to her. The young girl starts to believe these false perceptions and beliefs that others have planted in her mind. The negative seeds are now watered at such a young age, that all she sees is disgusts, and feels shame. She can’t stand to look at her body or go out in public, so she starts to hide. Tired of unwanted comments, she isolates herself. She spends years locked in a basement with anxiety, fear, depression, false beliefs, sexual abuse. Trapped in a dungeon for what seems like an eternity, with Jack Daniels, and a razor blade; what a threesome that was and her only — ashamed of her body at such a young age because people point out what is only natural. I blame the empty vessels walking on this planet without a soul. I blame the stigmas of society in the world, for such cruelty put on such a young girl. Years of destruction brought upon her until she finally meets her true self. She dug deep into the pain and the sadness and shed all those false beliefs off her mind. The girl watered the seeds of self-love and abundance, made herself feel at home and peace inside. She made friends with her past and demons; turned the mud into a lotus, you see, transformed that pain and the suffering into a beautiful silhouette scene, and when she looks into the mirrors nowadays, she sees but a Warrior Queen.

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