What if’s, What is and What Could Be

Such a beautiful mind; so visual, many different thoughts interrupted by other thoughts. it’s like an old film camera playing in my head of what ifs, what is, and what could be. I’m the only one who can see it, so on the outside looking in I look and sound crazy to others, but this mind is so powerful. It’s so hauntingly beautiful, that if … Continue reading What if’s, What is and What Could Be

Like Neo

It’s all a game. It’s all a lie;They are blinding you as your days pass by.Lift the veil, open your eyes.You are free, and so am I! The banks, The Government, Large corporate businesses, the television, and Big Pharma, they are the ones creating all the drama!You’re nothing but a little pawn; Go to bed at dusk, wake up at dawn.Sleep, and repeat another day;WORK, … Continue reading Like Neo

Warrior Queen

The young girl starts admiring herself in the mirror, feeling happy, beautiful, loving herself inside and out in every way. Suddenly, she hears the different voices of the people who are calling her names and has flashbacks of the terrible things that some people have done to her. The words from these individuals start to appear on her while she is looking at herself; her … Continue reading Warrior Queen

Welcome Back Jack

Welcome back Jack, It’s been quite a while since we have last played together and you feel just as I remember. The warmth down my throat, and the everlasting taste, that lingers on my red-stained lips; wanting more because I can’t have just one. Well, that wouldn’t be right, so I order another. Welcome back Jack, you feel so familiar; It’s like you never left, … Continue reading Welcome Back Jack

Like A Tree

Like roots of a tree our energies and bodies are intertwined, digging deeper, keeping each other grounded, growing stronger and wiser, Like a tree; our connection will grow more tough, protecting each other from the potentially harsh cruelties of the world, while feeling the electric flow and connection inside, like the trunk of a tree.  Together we are rooted, grounded, and protecting one another, while … Continue reading Like A Tree